[04/09/09] F-Response 3.09.04 Released

We are very pleased to annouce the release of F-Response 3.09.04 (Field Kit, Consultant, and Enterprise). This release contains multiple enhancements for all versions of F-Response, including:

Changes affecting all versions

  • Passive Hibernation/Suspend prevention. F-Response (FK, CE, EE) when running under Windows will prevent the passive hibernation/suspend of the MUI. Active suspend/hibernation actions (such as closing the laptop screen, etc) will still be performed.
  • Updated Version information to 3.09.04.

Changes affecting F-Response Consultant Edition (Windows)

  • F-Response Consultant Connector now provides a “Clear Messages” option that removes all text from the Messages Panel.
  • F-Response Consultant Edition (f-response-ce.exe) now has the ability to completely hide the dialog window on the remote machine with a simple key sequence, (ALT-CTRL-F12). This sequence will hide the GUI and restore the GUI.

Changes affecting F-Response Enterprise Edition (Windows)

  • Issue in password generation for command line usage of F-Response Enterprise corrected.
  • F-Response Enterprise Management Console now provides a “Clear Messages” option that removes all text from the Messages Panel.
  • The F-Response Enterprise installation package now includes a partial implementation of the F-Response Enterprise Management Console in a language neutral fully scriptable COM object. This object will allow a technical user of F-Response Enterprise to script actions typically initiated manually in the FEMC. For a sample script see the C:\Program Files\F-Response\ folder.

In addtion, new videos have been posted on the F-Response Videos page that highlight how the new F-Response Enterprise Scriptable Object and Hotkey Hiding work.

Registered customers should head straight to the Downloads page to get F-Response 3.09.04, not a registered customer? You are always welcome to try F-Response for 15 days risk free.