Privileged Identity Management Suite

         Cyber-Ark's Privileged Identity Management (PIM) Suite is an enterprise-class, full life-cycle solution for securing, managing, automatically changing and monitoring all activities associated with privileged accounts.

This includes the Root account on UNIX/Linux, Administrator in Windows, Cisco Enable, Oracle systems/sys, MSSQL SA, SAP Application Server and many more such as Emergency or 'Firecall' IDs. Ironically, these identities are often neglected, difficult to monitor their session activities, and passwords are never changed. In some cases, these identities are required not only by the internal IT personnel, but also by external 3rd party vendors and, thus, require extra care, such as secure remote access and secure session initiation without exposing the credentials.

Powerful passwords are also often found hard coded inside applications, scripts and parameter files, leaving them unsecured, rarely changed and visible to the world. As the "Keys to the Kingdom", mismanagement of privileged identities impose great risks to organizations. 


With Cyber-Ark's Privileged Identity Management (PIM) Suite enterprises can easily:

  • Manage and Protect all Privileged Accounts
  • Control Access to Privileged Accounts
  • Initiate and Monitor Privileged Sessions
  • Manage Application and Service Credentials
  • Comply with Audit and Regulatory Requirements
  • Streamline Management of Privileged Accounts
  • Seamlessly Integrate with Enterprise Systems
  • Easy setup and deployment

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